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5 Trendy Types of Kids Valentines Cards

There are many different types of kids valentines cards to choose from. Some are traditional cards, while others are more modern and trendy. For instance, cute monsters that hold a special treat are a great option. They also come with a rainbow pencil. You can also find trendy postcards that have a child’s face on them.
Dove chocolate

Kids can make a sweet treat for their Valentine with Dove chocolate. These smooth chocolate bars come in both milk and dark chocolate. They are available in 26 different designs. The cards can be made using a Cricut cutting machine. Choose from traditional Valentine cards, fun game-themed treat boxes, or even folded fortune cookies!
Burt’s Bee products

If you’re looking for some enticing Valentine’s Day ideas for your little ones, look no further than Burt’s Bee products. These scented products are both nourishing and fun, and will make your little ones’ Valentine’s Day cards extra special. Whether you’re making a card for a teacher or creating classroom valentines, these products will help make the day special for everyone involved.
Squishy figurines

Squishy figurines are a great choice for kids Valentine’s Day gifts. Unlike traditional Valentine cards, these toys are safe for your children to play with. The unique feel of these squishy toys make them great for small hands and are perfect for classroom exchange parties.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds cards for kids are a great way to share the love of the game with a loved one valentines day cards for kids. You can choose a card that features the characters, or you can make your own. Whether you are making your own or using a printable card, the kids will have fun creating these cards.
Minecraft Creeper

Printed Minecraft Creeper kids valentines cards are the perfect way to share your love of the game with your kids. You can find printable Minecraft Creeper valentines on websites such as Club Chica Circle. You can even print a valentine Creeper in different shades of pink. These printable Minecraft Valentines are great for kids, and they are also free to print.
Finding Dory

If your child loves the movie Finding Dory, why not give him or her a Finding Dory kids valentines card? You can print the cards yourself, cut them out, and have your child sign them. You can also download cards featuring the characters Hank and Nemo.
Paper Airplanes

If you’re looking for a fun and unique way to say “Happy Valentine’s Day” to your child, why not try paper airplanes? These cute cards are perfect for kids who are into air-themed cards. These airplane-themed cards can be folded and printed on both sides.
LEGO Movie Valentines

There are many different ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kids. LEGO Movie Valentines are an easy way to make a special day even more fun. Kids can use their imaginations to create heart-shaped LEGO Valentines. They can even make a homemade version. These cards can be printed on cardstock, folded in half in the center, and filled with minifigures, LEGO bricks, or toys.


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